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        作者:管理員    發布于:2014-01-27 02:07:33    文字:【】【】【

        Customs Inspection 海關 查驗

          Commodity Inspection 商品檢驗

          Tally 理貨

          Tally Report 理貨報告

          Check 查驗/檢查/核對

          Fumigation treatment with a pesticide active ingredient that is a gas under treatment conditions 熏蒸

          Animal / Plant Inspection 動植物檢驗

          INSP Inspection / Inspector 檢驗/檢驗員

          Certificate of Origin ( normally issued or signed by a Chamber of

          Commerce or Embassy ) (始發地)原產地證書

          Arbitration 仲裁

          FAE Fresh Air Exchange 空氣交換

          The fresh air exchange system on a reefer removes harmful gases from perishable commodities. The fresh air vent is adjustable to accommodate a variety of cargo Force Majeure 不可抗力

          M/F FILING Manifest Fling 艙單申報

          ACS Automated Commercial System 自動商務系統

          A system of software programs between Customs and brokers to communicate. These programs are design with the ultimate goal of paperless transaction between Customs and brokers ABI Automated Broker Interface ( part of ACS ) 自動的報關行接口

          Which permits transmission of data pertaining to merchandise being imported into the United States.

          (Qualified participants include brokers, importers, carriers, port authorities, and independent data processing companies referred to as service centers.)

          ACH Automated Clearing House ( part of ACS ) 自動清關

          Which allows electronic funds transfer for payment of estimated duties, taxes, and fees on imported merchandise AMS Automated Manifest System ( for anti-terrorism ) 自動艙單(反恐)申報系統

          An application that expedites the clearance of cargo for the subsequent release of containers when imported to the U.S.through electronic submission of cargo manifests in lieu of bulk paper manifests.

          CSI Container Security Initiative 集裝箱安全防范措施

          To address the threat terrorists pose to containerized shipping, Customs developed CSI. 為應對恐怖主義對集裝箱運輸。。推出

          CSS Cargo Selectivity System 貨物抽驗

          It is how Customs selects freight or documentation to be examined. Examinations are chosen by the risk of importer and manufacturer or activities with certain tariff numbers. CTPAT Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism 海關 貿易合作反恐條例

          SCAC Standard Carrier Alpha Code 承運人標準數字編碼

          CHB Customs House Broker 報關行

          A company or individual licensed by US Customs to do business as an agent with US Customs House.

          SED (EX-DEC) Shipper’s Export Declaration 貨主出口 報關單

          A form required by Census Bureau for export statistical purposes, which consists mainly of SHIPPER NAME, IRS No., CONSIGNEE NAME, HTS, VALUE and Shipping details plus Freight terms.SLI Shipper Letter of Instruction 貨主出口報關指示函


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